Wednesday 21 Nov 2018
When the material is extracted, we transport the block to the factory and we have different types of machinery to get all kinds of finishes and manufactured; Moreover, firstly, we can transform the material in slabs and secondly, we make stairs, worktops, skirting board or even any other product .Our company has different lines to make different finished, such us flamed, escarcilado, bush hammered, honed, polished, sand blasted, aged ... and so we get a quality product and competitive.
  • Acabado 01
    This kind of finished is made from a succession of movements of translation and rotation of mechanical arms with abrasive discs progressively decreasing grain with the idea following: get a surface gloss.
  • Acabado 02
    Treated like the polished sheen without making the same abrasives are used but without the shine.
  • Acabado 03
    On the surface of an abrasive material is projected pressure obtaining an artificial erosion
  • Acabado 04
    Taking advantage of the preferential cleavage planes of the material is made a party presenting irregular finish of the rock itself naturally. The texture is irregular and very rough.
  • Acabado 05
    They are made with acid (chemical treatment) or mechanical treatments (with running water, with or without abrasive). Surfaces are rough or worn with aspects of the time.
  • Acabado 06
    This is done on the flat surface of the material and is hit repeatedly with a hammer pyramid with small teeth.
  • Acabado 07
    This type of finishing is the application of a flame at high temperature over a thousand degrees, on the rock.The result is a surface roughness of a thin, without altering the original color, and achieving a high protection for granite exposed outdoors.
  • Acabado 08
    Trends in straight lines on a flat surface covered by the rugged terrain, very rough.

STRIPED of all kinds of stone, examples Yellow Macael, White Macael and Grey Macael