Tuesday 18 Dec 2018
Arriaga Canteras

Since three generations, the company of Francisco Arriaga has been dedicated to the extraction of marble in Macael.

We are owner of some quarries: White Macael Grey Macael, Yellow Macael, Veteado Río Macael, Green Macael and some creams: Imperial, Daino and Pearled.

When the material is out, we transform the material in our factory (next to the quarries). We can work with raw material and after, we can apply different textures to the product such us, honed, polished, sand blasted, Escarcilado, bush hammered, flamed, rayado and aged.

Grey Macael

Currently, we are the company which exploits the bigger quarry in Grey Macael used since Phoenicians for the construction of majestic works.


This material (grey macael) with a long tradition and experience that is used for construction and decoration techniques today.

Our quarry is located in Macael, in an area known as "The Blues", the best zone for extraction of grey marble.

The grey marble is a material from Macael with grey colour (light and dark) compact, medium-sized grain. It consists of marble and recrystallized limestone.

gris1 gris3 gris4

STRIPED of all kinds of stone, examples Yellow Macael, White Macael and Grey Macael