Wednesday 21 Nov 2018
Company - History


Macael is situated in the Sierra de los Filabres (province - Almería). This marble (White Macael) is well known in all over the world and it extracted from the quarries of this area.
This material has an important geological and ecological qualities: almost 98% of calcium carbonate
This activity has become one of the most important economic sectors of this area (Almanzora) and this noble stone is extracted totally from the quarries of Macael.
This company has a long tradition of working with natural stone.
Arriaga Canteras is working with natural stone since 1945 when the grandfather of Francisco Arriaga created the company with the first quarry of White Macael located in Paraje Jotatell.
In those years, the quarrymen had a difficult job because they had used rudimentary tools and for this reason it was necessary to use the human strength for that.
A few years later, the father of Francisco (second generation) started to work in the company.